Clarkson University, Notre Dame University and Warsaw University of Technology announce the LivDet-Iris: Liveness Detection-Iris Competition 2020. 

LivDet is a premier liveness detection competition to recognize Presentation Attack Detection. This competition is open to all academics and industrial institutions. LivDet provides a platform to test algorithms and systems in a larger platform.

Teams who submit three best-performing methods will be invited to submit a joint paper summarizing the competition and describing briefly the PAD methods.

The Competition will be held in two parts:

The Competition has been accepted by IJCB 2020

Do not miss out on the Important Dates ! Deadline extended to August 1, 2020.

Update you on the present status of LivDet Iris Competition 2020. 

  • The competition ended in August 2020.
  • The post-competition paper is forthcoming in IJCB 2020. You can access the preprint of the paper at :
  • LivDet Iris 2020 dataset is available for algorithm evaluation on BEAT platform as an “Ongoing Series“.
  • We are not accepting any algorithms via email. 
  • To evaluate your algorithm using the LivDet Iris 2020 dataset please follow the instructions on Algorithm submission via BEAT platform provided in our website-
  • Results from the “Ongoing Series” might be published in future. If you register as  “Anonymous” and you submit your algorithm on the BEAT platform, your participation would remain anonymous in future publications. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have further questions.