BEAT: Experiment Setup

We have created a complete experiment to evaluate algorithms on the BEAT platform against our dataset. You can fork this experiment and include your algorithm for testing. Presently the labels are not accurate. You cannot verify the performance of your algorithm against the test datasets. It has been setup such that you can test whether your algorithm is functioning without any glitches in the BEAT platform. Attestations of the final submissions must be done before submission due date. Performance testing can be done only on the final submission. We have uploaded the final instructions on preparing your experiment for the final submission. Please follow the instructions here.

BEAT : Local Algorithm Setup Guidelines

BEAT is deprecating functions on their webpage and moving it for local usage. Currently both are in operation. We do not anticipate any disruption in near future during this competition. However, for future usage it is advised to create or make any changes to your experiment locally. We have created an instruction sheet on how to add your algorithm to the BEAT platform locally. Please check the link here.

Algorithm Submission- Email

You can submit your algorithm through the BEAT platform OR submit it to us directly for testing. Either option is fine, and both are equivalent in terms of participation. Instructions on how to create an account on the BEAT platform and how to upload your trained algorithm to the BEAT platform for testing are available here.