Algorithms submission for evaluation has 2 options:

  1. You can submit your algorithm via BEAT platform for evaluation against the test dataset. To familiarize yourself with the BEAT platform please follow this link here.

    Follow the instruction here to sign up to the BEAT platform.

    Follow the instructions here to add your algorithm to the BEAT platform.

    Follow the instructions here to create your experiment for the Competition.

    The BEAT environment supports most common packages for algorithm development. The environment file can be accessed from here.
    This environment file can be used with the conda env create  command to reproduce the environment on a Linux machine.
    If your algorithm requires other supporting packages, please request for the packages to be added to the competition platform at latest by July 10, 2020. Please allow us atleast 2 days for the update to take effect.
  2. You can send your algorithm to us for evaluation at Please follow the following instructions here.