Laboratory staff will systematically attempt to spoof the system and also collect corresponding live data

  • 500 live attempts
  • 500 attempts for two different attacks (Patterned Contact and Paper Iris)

The parameters adopted for the performance evaluation will be the following:

Evaluation per system

  • Frej_n: Rate of failure to enroll for the system
  • Fcorrlive_n: Rate of correctly classified live fingerprints for system
  • Fcorrfake_n: Rate of correctly classified fake fingerprints for system
  • Ferrlive_n: Rate of misclassified live fingerprints for system
  • Ferrfake_n: Rate of misclassified fake fingerprints system
  • ET: Average processing time per image

Rates are based on the assumption of a threshold of 50. (Check) Quality and match scores will be computed based on the collected images to support efforts to maintain fairness between the submitted systems.

Declaration of the Winner

  • The winner will be awarded based on minimum overall classification error. Only one winner will be awarded.